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Crankshaft Shop

Crankshaft polishing and grinding are handled by our expert staff at TRAC Engine Services Ltd. We also offer camshaft polishing to restore the surface finish back to a new-like condition. We specialize in servicing crankshafts and camshafts for both diesel and natural gas engines, supporting the Edmonton and Western Canada regions.


Our complete range of grinding and polishing services also includes thermal spray welding to restore worn-out surfaces allowing these areas to be built up and final machined to OEM specifications.


Did you know that we also perform crankshaft balancing at our Edmonton facility to ensure smooth and efficient equipment operation? It is crucial to maintain a properly functioning crankshaft and camshaft for peak engine performance.


The shafts undergo a series of tests and checks to assure compliance with manufacturers accepted tolerances and to establish re-usability for the intended operation. After grinding, the crankshafts are finally polished to the specified OEM surface finish and size.




We begin with cleaning, inspecting and measuring the crankshaft and camshaft and compare against OEM specifications. Our inspections will provide the critical information required for providing the recommended work needed. It is important to know if the shaft just needs polishing or grinding too. Here is a complete list of what we do for engine camshafts and crankshafts:

Check for straightness
Check seal surfaces
Threads in bolt holes
Gear removal and replacement
Spray welding build-up
Remove plugs from drilled passages
Remove counterweights
Measure main journals and throws
Inspect thrust surfaces
Crankshaft hardness testing
Wet Magnaflux for crack detection
Crankshaft balancing
Magnaflux after straightening
Small crack repair
Journal build-up

We use the spray welding technique for a variety of applications like:

Seal fits
Bearing fits
Pump crankshafts
Block main saddles

Cylinder Heads

We repair and rebuild cylinder heads for field equipment, semi-tractor trailers and much more.

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