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Thermal Spray Weld Shop


Through a twin wire arc process, thermal spray weld technology can extend your machinery components' life and provide extra runtime. When standard repair processes cannot gain that additional life due to physical gouges, severe undersize measurements, or a combination of the two, thermal spray weld may be the answer! Achieve that extra component life for your heavy-duty machines with our thermal spray weld services at TRAC Engine Services Ltd in Edmonton.


The thermal spray weld process uses a pair of continually fed wires melted by an electric arc when the wires make contact. The molten droplet material is atomized by compressed gas and propelled towards the workpiece substrate to form a durable coating. The coating application and thickness are monitored and applied as needed for each specific area on the workpiece resulting in precise modifications.


Once the coating application is completed, our trained technicians apply a final machining process to bring the component back within OEM specification measurements and surface finish.

Thermal Spray Weld Benefits

No thermal distortion
No metallurgical alteration of the substrate material
Low pre-heating requirements
Low heat input during spraying
Variation of coating thickness across the surface
High bond strengths
Good for the dimensional restoration of the component
Coating thickness available up to 0.040”
Finish machining restores the component back to spec measurements

Typical Applications

Pump and compressor shafts
Engine block mains
Engine block cam mains

The Equipment

The EuTronic Arc Spray 4HF unit provides the functionality and versatility to apply spray weld to the most visible areas. This system delivers a high-quality coating while providing the technician with full control over deposit application and thicknesses.


Give us a call to learn more about our thermal spray weld services.

Re-Engineered to Specification

Restore lost productivity of heavy-duty machinery with engine machining services.

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