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Engine Services


At TRAC Engine Services Ltd, our purpose is to provide the customer the highest level of repair and machining services to bring every component back to OEM specification. How do we do that? Through customer collaboration in selecting the best industry leading repair and machining processes for their needs and requirements. Our TRAC Engine Services Ltd team has provided precision engine machining services in Edmonton since 1969. With more than 170 years of combined experience in both diesel and natural gas engines, we are the engine component machining and repair experts in Edmonton.


With our heavy-duty engine machining equipment for commercial and industrial applications (including mining, transportation and agricultural) in Edmonton, we can provide your project with the best solutions to get your equipment running again. We specialize in offering engine repair and machining services for cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts & camshafts, and connecting rods. We also offer spraywelding to build up your worn component back to OEM specifications and extend it another life.


Let’s take a closer look!


If you need engine block repair services in Edmonton, rely on TRAC Engine Services Ltd for the highest industry quality and reliability. Equipped with the newest line of Rottler boring mills, our engine block shop is capable of providing all repair services including the largest blocks found within the mining and industrial applications. We offer start-to-finish block services complete with… Learn more ->

Engine Blocks
Connecting Rod

Count on us for inspecting and servicing your con rods to ensure there are no alignment issues so your engine can run knock free. We also service rocker arms and assemblies to ensure proper bushing size. Our connecting rod and rocker arm service includes… Learn more ->

We offer crankshaft grinding and polishing, keeping the mains and throws within bearing tolerances. We also offer crankshaft balancing for the larger crankshafts including those with removable counter weights. Did you know we offer camshaft polishing to bring the surface finish back to operational standards? Have you heard about our sprayweld services? Sprayweld is an efficient build-up process to restore the sealing areas on the crankshafts that succumb to wear ridges during regular use. Take a look at our complete crankshaft and camshaft line of services… Learn more ->

Cylinder Heads

We offer cylinder head repair and reconditioning services for heavy-duty natural gas and diesel equipment. The assembly of Rottler head equipment provides expert precision and standardized top-quality results every time.  Our surface finish is second to none and will ensure a tight seal against the gasket surface. Cylinder head resurfacing, pressure testing and complete rebuilds are some of the professional cylinder head services that we can perform as well as these... Learn more ->

Get your engine components cleaned with our hot tank cleaning and high-pressure steam washing services. Our large hot dip tank is capable of handling parts up to 3.4 meters in length and removes unsightly, performance-robbing buildup. It is imperative for the internal galleries, chambers and surface areas to be free from any dirty oil, gunk and grime buildup. We take the time to properly clean all areas while using these best practice techniques… Learn more ->

Hot Tank Cleaning
Thermal Spray Weld

Did you know that it is possible to build up the worn areas of a crankshaft or main saddles of an engine block? With the process of using thermal spray weld, the worn area can be built up and then machined back to OEM specifications. Learn how to get an extra component life with our thermal spray weld services for these components… Learn more ->

Don’t jeopardize the equipment you rely on for your livelihood or overpay for an unnecessary replacement part. We rebuild, repair, and machine engine components for various industrial equipment, everything from off-highway mining equipment, generators, on-highway trucks to farm tractors. TRAC Engine Services Ltd is your best choice for a full-service engine machine shop in Edmonton.


You can trust your heavy-duty engine machining needs to our knowledgeable team. Our industry-leading tooling and equipment provide the precision, quality and standardized outcome you expect and deserve. For over 30 years of serving the greater Edmonton area and Western Canada, we have become the first choice for engine machining, let us be yours!


Did You Know 🡺 We Also Offer Engine Rebuilding Services?


Whether it’s a short block, long block or a complete engine, at TRAC Engine Services Ltd we offer engine rebuilding BUT schedule availability is limited! Call us today to discuss your engine rebuild options so we can get your job scheduled.

We understand the importance of your equipment and the impact on your business when it’s not functioning correctly. This is why we take a particular interest in each job making sure every customer's needs are not only attained but they are completely satisfied! Call or email us to book our services today.


Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel to see our shop in action.


TRAC Engine Services Ltd is proud to support the industry’s top leading organizations and offers services for engines made by manufacturers such as CAT, John Deere, Cummins and many more.

Restore Your Engine

A reconditioned engine operates just like new.

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