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Cylinder Head Shop


At TRAC Engine Services Ltd, we offer cylinder head repair and rebuild services in Edmonton and Western Canada. We support the natural gas and diesel engine sector such as heavy-duty mining, off-road construction equipment, semi-tractor trailers, oil patch equipment, generators, field equipment, tractors and combines and more.


The cylinder head is a critical component for the efficient operation of the entire engine. The importance of timely air intake to fuel mixture while allowing the removal of the exhaust gases determines how well your engine will run. The cylinder head needs to be in proper running condition otherwise your equipment will simply not perform.


Our cylinder head repair service starts with a visual inspection to identify any cracks or damage that may impede the cylinder head rebuild. Next, the cylinder head is washed allowing for an efficient and effective inspection process which includes comparing critical measurements to OEM specifications. If required, cylinder head pressure testing is completed to rule out any internal gallery cracks or leaking fuel injection tubes or cups.  Finally, a conversation with the customer allows for two-way dialogue in determining the best plans to move forward while meeting all the customers’ expectations.

At TRAC Engine Services Ltd, we utilize the best CNC machines available. The seats are precisely cut with a pre-set 3 angle cutter to ensure proper concentricity and precision contact width which provides ultimate sealing between the seat and valve contact faces. Valves that can be reused are ground using a Collett Holder (racing industry application!) to obtain perfect geometry in establishing a complete seal that is validated through a cylinder head vacuum test.


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You know that the cylinder head requires repairs when:

A distinct popping noise in the intake or exhaust manifold could indicate a bad valve or valve seat.

Coolant system pressuring up may be caused by leaking injector tubes.

A leaking head gasket is possibly from a poor surface or warped head caused from overheating.

Contamination between fuel and coolant could be caused by leaking injector cups or poor head casting.


At TRAC Engine Services Ltd, we know that choosing the best cylinder head repair or rebuild services is critical to the productive operation of your equipment. We offer a complete selection of services that finds the right balance between quality, timeliness and overall cost without jeopardizing the final outcome.


Our cylinder head services include:

Measuring of head casting thickness
Hot tanking
Glass beading
Magnaflux test for cracks
Thread inspection
Pressure test
Vacuum test
Valve guide removal
Valve seat replacement
Crack repair
Injector tube replacement
Mating deck and manifold side resurfacing
Frost plug replacement
Overhead cam bushing replacement
Cam bushing bore re-sleeving
Broken stud removal

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