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Engine Block Shop


If you need engine block repair services in Edmonton, rely on TRAC Engine Services Ltd for quality and reliable block services. We offer a full range of engine block rebuild and machining services to match your specific needs. We offer start-to-finish repair from hot tank cleaning to inspection and measurement to specs, resurfacing the deck, pressure testing, replacing frost plugs, sleeve upper and lower bores, and removal and install of cam bushings service. We will share more of our engine block services shortly.


For over 30 years of supporting the Edmonton and Western Canada regions, TRAC Engine Services Ltd has been recognized as an industry leading block repair and machine shop. Our strategic alliances with key business partners provide us with the availability of parts and technical information for a wide range of industry recognized brand equipment. As a result, we are able to be your one-stop machine and repair facility no matter the brand and equipment type.


We provide full block inspection services to completely understand the condition of the block and the work required to remanufacture it back to OEM specifications. We also perform upper and lower refits, re-sleeving, lifter bore replacements, and specialty repairs and updates on blocks. Whether it’s working on an Arrow single-cylinder or up to the 3600 Series of diesel engines from Caterpillar (and everything else in-between) we have the largest equipment capacity available for our diesel and natural gas engine customers.


Our Block Department is equipped with the newest line of boring mills from Rottler. The Rottler F68A, F99Y, F105A, and F109 are some of the impressive CNC equipment that provides the precision and highest quality finish possible. The latest addition to the fleet is the Rottler F109. This is the largest engine block boring mill of its kind available today and employs a unique Right Angle Drive configuration for accomplishing unequalled results when align boring the main bearings on the largest blocks. 


The 109’s capacity also allows for the resurfacing of almost all of the natural gas engine decks in use with just one pass, eliminating problems associated with moving and realigning the engine block to complete the job using conventional boring mills. This also applies to the oil pan rails and the compressor beds for larger engines. Another feature is 3-axis computerized machining for tasks such as the water directors on the engine block deck and other modifications and upgrades that become available.


Want to learn more about our engine block processes? Give us a call.


You might notice the following signs if you have an engine block concern:

  • Excessive pressure in the cooling system could indicate improper liner support from cracked or worn counterbores.

  • A leaking head gasket may be due to a poor or uneven deck surface.

  • Due to a poorly aligned bore, oil pressure problems may be caused by cam bushings or main bearing clearances.

We understand the importance of your equipment uptime so we treat every job like it is our own. Our goal is to get you back operating quickly and economically without sacrificing quality. You can contact us to inspect and repair all the possible block conditions that impact the operation of your equipment today.


We offer a wide range of engine services in Edmonton. Our technicians have the expertise in heavy-duty diesel and natural gas engines of all major manufacturers.


  • Clean for inspection

  • Measure deck height

  • Inspect counterbores

  • Inspect & repair threaded bolt holes

  • Laser main bore

  • Magnaflux for crack detection

  • Resurface decks

  • Resurface pan rails

  • Resurface bell housing mounting area

  • Torque & mill main saddles

  • Update older style blocks

  • Sleeve upper counterbores

  • Sleeve lower bores

  • Sleeve lifter bores

  • Sleeve cam bores

  • Crack repair

  • Align bore main bearing bore

  • Spray weld & mill main saddles

  • Build-up mounting surfaces

  • Pressure test block

  • Hot tank cleaning

  • Replace or install cam bushings

  • Replace frost plugs

  • Rebore block

  • Finish hone cylinders

  • Check lifter bores

  • Check block parallel

  • Clearance for strokers

Additionally, we also offer painting services for engine blocks.


Short block engine services in Edmonton

Located at the bottom of an engine, the short block contains critical components starting with the cylinder block while also including the crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons. At TRAC Engine Services Ltd, a short block service will include the assembly of these components into the engine block including any seals, bearings and bushings where needed to complete the installation. The customer may supply the installation parts as they are often found within the engine rebuild kits purchased prior.

Long block engine services in Edmonton

A long block contains the makeup of the short block while including the valve train and cylinder head to complete long block service. The assembly of these additional components includes any seals, bearings and bushings where needed to complete the installation. The customer may supply the installation parts as they are often found within the engine rebuild kits purchased prior.

Complete engine rebuilds services in Edmonton

TRAC Engine Services Ltd also offers complete engine rebuilds to support our diesel and natural gas customers and the equipment they operate. We also offer crankshaft polishing and grinding services, cylinder head rebuilding and repair services and more. Our engine rebuild capacity fills up quickly, so please reach out to us to discuss your project and schedule your next engine rebuild with Edmonton’s engine experts! 

We Fix Con Rods

We restore connecting rods for unhindered power generation.

Connecting Rod Shop

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